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Belajar English Conversation - Introduction

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(Friday, 10 January 2020)

Matching the expressions
How do you do ? à how do you do?
How are you doing ? à I’m fine, thanks. And you?
What do you do ? à I’m a student
Do you like Banjarmasin à Yes, It’s not so hot and the people are friendly
I’m Susan and you? à I’m Andi
What’s your hobby ? à I love biking
Where are you from ? à I’m from Bandung
What’s your major ? à my major is management / I studied management

When asking “what do you do?” menandakan bertanya tentang job/things or it means “whats your job”
When asking “How do you do?” menandakan bertanya kabar or it means “how are you?”
When asking “where…?” menandakan bertanya tentang place
When asking “when…?” menandakan bertanya tentang time

Things to discuss in introduction
1.       General Information (name, address, etc)
2.       Place of origin
3.       Job/Occupation
4.       Educational Background
5.       Hobby/Interest
6.       Travel/Places
7.       Latest News
Mustn’t be discussed
1.       Age
2.       Marital status
3.       Religion
4.       Salary
5.       Political Views
People and Contries
-          Yuko is from Japan
She is Japanese
-          Jacob is from South Africa
He is South African

Pronounciation – word stress
Japan Japanese British Italy Italian India American Brizilian Polish African

Topic for small talk
(Tuesday, 14 January 2020)

Small talk using for open conversation. Small talk usually base on place.
Example : About weather, job, hobby, latest news, family, places, food, sports, education
-do you like biology? (about studies or education)

This is example Small talk when you are in waiting room of hospital
Anne : Is the nurse calling Miss. Siti?
Betty: No she isn’t. She calling Miss. Sari.
Anne : Oh I thought She call my mother.
Betty : How long you have waiting here?
Anne : from 9 am o’clock. How about you?
Betty : An hour longer than you. I hear that the doctor just come a few moment ago because he get the surgery.
Anne : really? So we must be patient to wait. By the way whats make you came here? Are you sick?
Betty : Yes, I have a problem with my stomach and I have consultation here since 3 months ago.
Anne : ooh, my mother too. But she just recently sick. I’am Anne and what’s your name?
Betty : I’m betty.
Anne : nice to meet you, Betty
Betty : nice to meet you too, Anne
Anne : So how do you thing about the doctor and hospital service?
Betty : It’s really good.
Nurse : Miss Betty..
Betty : Sorry the nurse calling my name. I should go.

Conversation when you want to introduce someone
(Tuesday, 21 January 2020)

-I’d like you to meet…
-This is…
-I’d like to introduce you to…
-Have you two met?

Keep the conversation going
-I see
-is that so?
-that’s something

-it was nice meeting you
-I’m afraid I must go
-Nice talking to you
-Sorry, I’ve got to go now

Do you know that generally what we should introduce frist?
1.       Generally we should Introduce man to the women
( this is andi, andi is my friend when I’m in high school. And andi this is my wife Tina)
2.       At the office we should introduce a person of a lower position to one of a higher position
(Mr. Budi this is Sherly. She is the new employee. And Sherly, this is Mr. Budi, He is our manager)
3.       At a party, we should introduce a guest to a host
(Sari, this is Rachel who the host of this party. Rachel this is my friend, Sari.
4.       At frist meetings, it best to keep conversation less than two minutes.
(sorry but I must go now..)
5.       At first meetings, we should ask not too many questions
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